We give you the confidence to reach an agreement that is appropriate for you, in the shortest time possible.

Tricia Peters, Managing Director

We make it easier for you to sort out your finances, allowing you to move on with your life with a sense of clarity and confidence.


Put Yourself in the Right Hands

We understand the challenges of separation and divorce, especially the financial pressure which often creates more stress.

We are a team of professionals experienced in divorce, who are here to help guide you through the process.


  • Tricia and her team have the perfect balance of being wise and sensible and honest investors and recognise that money can be spent for a fulfilling, enjoyable life!
  • She's honest, down to earth, practical and knows her stuff.  Easy to talk to and compassionate.
  • I would recommend Tricia and her team because they are not only good financial advisers, but a very caring team, interested in all aspects of your 'new' life.
  • Very valuable. They provide a comprehensive service to manage the funds that I have. I find their approach ethical, taking into account my personal needs and always responsive despite my limited funds.
  • I was completely overwhelmed at the clear and concise explanation of management – and found their advice and knowledge to be of greatest value.
  • Extremely valuable. I had no idea of my overall future directions before meeting with you. After our discussion I felt very relieved to be able to look forward with more confidence.
  • Invaluable. PetersMcKeown provided advice particular to my specific circumstances, to allow for long term investment of a portion of my limited funds, as well as reasonable flexible access to money given mine and my children’s unpredictable circumstances.
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